Axioinnova is your advanced lighting & integrated technology specialist.  

We light up spaces
at the lowest lifecycle cost possible
in a uniform, healthy, and practical way

A team of experienced LED and advanced lighting insiders at your disposal.

For over a decade, our team has been dedicated to solving problems and delivering insight and value in the solid state lighting industry for both retrofit and new construction projects. In that time, we have scrutinized hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of products with one goal in mind - to cut through the hype, so our clients do not have to.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell the right lighting system, we can help you.

In a constantly changing world of options, we help pinpoint what you need.

Advanced manufacturing, complicated control systems, and new design forms have created a constant challenge when specifying a lighting system.

Solid state lighting has a useful lifetime of 3 to 50 times that of any preceding lighting technology. That being said, your lighting system’s total cost of ownership and impact on people and spaces should not be a consideration in hindsight.

Now, more than ever before, every lighting project should include a knowledgeable insider that can protect your time & money, and deliver the results that you expect, and deserve.

Lighting for savings, looks, or the environment? Need help selling lighting? We make your lighting goals a reality.

Looking to turn your lighting system into a high yield capital investment by retrofitting your facility? Perhaps you need to source a custom product for a special application, like a backlit surface? Maybe you’re a contractor or ESCO who needs a lighting expert to help retain your customers?

No matter what your lighting goals and needs, our innovative and practical approach will save you time, money, and risk. Let Axioinnova deliver insight and value to your LED lighting project. No hype or gimmicks - just results.

Need a custom solution? If you have the budget, we can make it happen.

Custom solutions are a key ability at Axioinnova. We are able to capitalize on our extensive internal and external network of expertise and resources to create custom lighting solutions for almost any application. If you have a clear vision and the budget, we can find a way to make it happen.

We are Axioinnova - worthy innovation.