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We light up spaces 

At the lowest lifecycle cost possible

In a uniform, healthy, and practical way

Axioinnova LLC is not just another lighting product pusher or order taker. We are under no pressure to give you what you don’t need, simply because that’s what we have. We never present lighting solutions in order to meet some vague product quota or quarterly sales goal.


Needs Based Lighting Services

Your lighting environment, meaningful results, & our reputation. Those are the three things that matter most to us, exactly in that order. That’s why every manufacturer, product, or service partner that we represent has been through a vigorous evaluation process.

With our network of axioinnova verified™ lighting products, manufacturers, and partners, we provide valuable and powerful needs based, scalable, lighting project support & services.

Axioinnova brings insight and value to any client who needs support for lighting projects. We have completed LED lighting projects for national lighting distributors, contractors, designers, ESCOs, finance companies, municipalities, consultants, engineers, security companies, and directly with owners and management companies throughout the US & Canada.

We are not your typical “all or nothing” company. You may only need a part of our services, or a full scale turnkey lighting solution, and that is our key value. We are great at filling your precise essential needs, based on your own expertise in lighting systems and implementation. Avoid the wasted time and additional margins, confusing marketing hype, and questionable lighting products. Contact us to learn how we can help.




Products & Manufacturers

Our network of pre qualified, fully vetted manufacturers, products, and partners make up our portfolio of axioinnova verified™ systems. Our insight, value, and unique procurement methods allow us to successfully implement advanced LED lighting systems and integrated technology for:

  • LED lighting retrofit projects for lower life cycle costs
  • Commercial and industrial lighting, indoor and out
  • Lighting integrated controls and security systems for high value areas
  • Exterior site, security, and safety lighting
  • Custom lighting features and systems

Specialty Applications

After more than a decade of LED Lighting related projects, we have become truly valuable lighting specialists. While our value in investment grade lighting retrofit is our core, there are a few unique market applications where we have a real strength and advantage:

  • Backlighting, including walls & corridors, giant seamless ceilings, faux skylights, lightboxes
  • Custom lighting products, giant fixtures, architectural features, lighted branding
  • Product specification, project and procurement support for national lighting distributors, ESCOs, contractors and end users
  • Indoor sport facility and recreational lighting, including LED lighting for sports domes and ice rinks.

Interested in talking about a lighting project but don’t know where to start, or haven’t found what you are looking for? Don’t be shy - contact us and let’s talk - it’s free!









Emerging Technology

Lighting. Not much change for 100 years, then all of a sudden... LED!The solid state architecture of everyone's new favorite lighting source has created exponential growth and benefit potential for lighting applications, peripherals, and even infrastructure.

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to keep a constant eye on the development channel in order to always be relevant, and always be capable of getting the right result for every project we are involved in.

Some emerging technologies we are closely watching include:

  • Horticultural and grow lighting, especially in vertical farming application
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Distributed Low Voltage Power (DLVP)
  • IoT lighting – (Internet of Things)
  • Integrated Life Safety Systems
  • Human centric lighting & circadian balance lighting

We are running small pilots, having conversations, and gaining technological knowledge and skill around these technologies.

If you are a maker, seller, early adopter, or user of any of these lighting technologies, and want to have an open discussion about viability, value, realistic expectations or experiences; we would love to hear from you!


Lighting Project? We work for you.

Today, the lighting industry has become a hurricane of companies, products, services, and new market channels. Everyone seems to be doing everything. The problem is, most of the traditional lighting channel did something very specific, and so do a large number of new lighting companies.

The rapid changes in lighting technology, coupled with the expertise required to combine them all for successful results, aren’t so clear anymore. For almost any lighting project today, you need an integrator that offers insight and value, not just a product.

Fortunately, the Axioinnova team has spent last decade building a value-based solution to this problem. Our team is comprised of lighting industry experts, with the last ten years dedicated strictly to LED lighting plus integrated solutions and emerging lighting technologies.

If you find yourself anywhere in the chain of lighting, we may be a value to you. We have the insight you need to unlock the results you are looking for.

The best possible lighting product for the application with the lowest possible life-cycle cost to produce the most profitable long term result. 


Axioinnova is Insight & Value
Need help with a lighting project?